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Keepsake offers the best senior, and family portrait value in Anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley. Consider the value you receive with our exclusive on location Magic Forest, flower gardens, Little Campbell Creek, multiple outdoors settings and stages, multiple indoors stages and creative digital options, all for you to choose from at one convenient and private location in Anchorage. We offer the fastest turnaround time for seniors and families with proofing in 20 minutes after your portrait sitting and delivery of your final order in just a few days. It all depends on the VALUE you place on service, choices, convenient location, superior quality portraits...

Pre-Portrait Consultation- The first step is a 10 minute meeting where we will show you our work, options, and investment choices. When you choose Keepsake Photography we’ll spend the next 15 minutes reviewing graduation sittings, stages, options and you’ll pay a retainer to secure your senior portrait appointment. We have a portrait orientation packet with all the vital session info to take home and make your final decisions, including our exclusive senior portrait design sheet and senior clothing guide, helping you with everything you need to be ready for the portrait portrait session of a lifetime. Call to schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation today.

Affordable Quality. Anyone can afford quality graduation, or family portraits from Keepsake. Getting it right the first time, a great experience and bringing out the best in our clients is priceless. We tend to forget that quality portraits will be cherished for generations and the sweetness of a low price quickly fades in disappointment. We have a package and a deal that will fit every senior graduate and family, the average cost is between $200 to $400 for a package. Many people buy more because they love what they see!

Portrait Sitting- This is the fun part, our senior and family portrait sittings are high energy, private, relaxed and classy. You'll find a fresh and clean portrait style at Keepsake. We offer timeless, exciting, classical poses that will last through the generations. We make people look like someone you would like to meet. You’ll select the stages you want then be assisted through the entire process by our staff and Master Certified Photographer, helping with clothing selection, posing and expressions. Everything is right here on location, ready to go. Sittings take from 30-90 minutes depending on what you select, about 20 minutes after your sitting you’ll see your senior or family portraits, make your final selection and purchase in our Presentation Theater on the big screen HDTV, and that’s the entire graduation portrait process, it’s that easy, your done.

View and order the Portraits- You’ll see your senior or family portraits on our giant 7 foot HDTV in the Presentation Theater about 20 minutes after your sitting, with state of the art equipment there’s no waiting for days to see your results. With theater seating for 15 people it’s a senior and family photo party, bring your family and friends. We accept Cash, Debit cards, VISA, and MC, sorry no Checks, American Express or Discover cards.

Final orders- Your final senior portrait order will be ready for pick-up in just a few days after your session. With today's modern technology there’s no need to wait for weeks to receive high quality graduation or family portraits. Orders can also be mailed out to you at a nominal charge. Yearbooks can be ready the same day as your session

Proof Videos - With a minimum purchase, get exclusive custom videos or portraits of your senior, or family portrait collection for your DVD player and Facebook page. Every video is custom made just for you and is a full length production ranging from 2-5 minutes, not to be confused with the free 30 second video that anyone can get on the web.

Satisfaction: Our Guarantee. We want everyone to be happy at Keepsake. If you should have a question or problem with your Keepsake Portrait we want to know right away so we can fix it for you, as soon as possible! Most solutions come quick and easy! Does the photographer your considering have a written guarantee?


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