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  TOP 10 SHOPPING TIPS For Senior Portraits  

senior portraits Anchorage

Senior portraits Anchorage

1. Start planning and evaluating studios now. The best specials happen in June, July, and August. Senior portraits are done in the summer and fall so they can meet yearbook deadlines and take advantage of the seasonal colors.

2. Choose a Certified Professional? Professional Photographers continually participate in extensive training and testing to assure you the best and latest in portrait expertise. Ask the photographer your considering if they are a Certified, or non certified.

3. Today everyone with a digital camera and a web site is claiming to be a “professional.” Many beginners want to “practice” on your senior and shoot “on location”. The fact is, they don’t know professional lighting or how to pose you to look your best. Faces should pop out from the background and eyes should sparkle and be well lit, you shouldn’t see dark areas under the eyes (raccoon eyes). One hundred poor quality pictures are not worth one fine quality portrait.

4. Look for a photographer that produces senior portraits that are timeless, classy and appropriate for friends and family. At Keepsake we produce some pretty exciting portraits but we draw the line with overly sexy poses. Provocative shots of a young lady are way over the edge and certainly not what you want to send to relatives or have circulating on the net.

5. A professional photographer doesn’t need hours to create a fine portrait. Many people are very uncomfortable in front of the camera. At Keepsake we make it quick and easy with wonderful results!

6. You don’t have to use your schools poor quality yearbook photo. If your school is offering to take your yearbook picture, you don’t have to use it or buy their products. You can submit a great shot of you taken by a professional. It’s easy and free with any package purchase at Keepsake, ask for details.

7. Look for a Photographer who has a convenient, peaceful, outdoor setup. A natural outdoor setting offers you a quality look and a pleasant experience you can’t get at a public park or a noisy shopping district. We’ve heard of photographers driving all the way to Girdwood or Hatchers Pass for portraits? There’s a better way to spend your time and money right here in Anchorage! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours driving for a great outdoor session.

8. All studios aren’t the same. Just like restaurants, there’s a big difference in location, facility, expertise and price will vary greatly. Visit the studio and check it out. Is it a pleasant environment? Are there a variety of studio scenes? Look for a variety of outdoor scenes as well. Do they offer creative options that stand apart from the crowd? Beautiful portraits and a relaxing experience go hand in hand!

9. Look for a photographer that lets you choose the style. A professional photographer will have developed a variety of successful poses that seniors and parents want. This is why you choose them in the first place.

10. Does the photographer offer a guarantee: Remember a guarantee is only as good as the work is in the first place. If the photographers work is just average, no amount of "redos" are going to fix the problems.


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